List of Services-Workshops & Consultations-2024

At Chaz & Co. we can offer you a variety of specialized services-24Hrs.Email & Facebook Instagram, what’sApp

*Touring World Wide *


Multi-Instrumentalist-Soloist & DJ.
List of Services-
Weddings & Reception
Traditional Marriage, Same Sex & Union Marriages
Special Events
DJ Services/Karaoke & Indooor & Outdoor Events
Corporate Events & Ipo Parties & Award Ceremony
Country Clubs Hotels Casino & Lounges & Resorts
Senior Centers-Events-Indoor/Outdoor-Lounge-club house,lobby, deck, patio, poolside or atrium,
Festivals Art & Wine Fairs, Wine tasting events & Farmers Markets Street fairs
Cruise Ships & Private Cruises-Dining Yachts
Personal Touches-Memorial Services-Indoor & Out-Church Services
Funeral & Wakes
Freelance & Touring-World Wide-Solo-Duo Trio & Bands-(With Availability )
Anniversaries Graduation Parties-College Events
Shower & Christening Bachelorette & Bachelor Partys
Bah Bat Mitzvahs-Partys
Conventions & Trade Shows-Show Rooms,TV-Spots
Grand Openings -Malls-Private-Events
Fund Raisers & Country Club-Elks Club Senior Citizens Homes
Theme Parties & Karaoke Parties Kids Theme Parties
Museums & Zoo Events
5-Star-Hotels Resorts & Ski Lodges & Lobbys Lounges Clubs Atriums Deck & Poolside
Restaurants-Indoor & Out Patio’s & Atriums
Community Events BBQ’s Picnic’s-Poolside Partys
Banquets Cocktail & Garden Parties & Atriums-poolside
Smaller Intimate Settings-One on One
All Ethnic Themes & Holidays-Christmas & Kwanzaa Ect.
Cruise ships-Private Yacht Charter

Its our thought at Chaz & Co. that we can help you meet any service need you may have, so don’t be afraid to ask us for specific services (including ones that may not be listed here).

Planing an Event…how about an Intimate Evening with Chaz at your home with a few guess


your wedding day is very special, so why not have beautiful music. Music can be performed indoors or outdoors and played solo or dj. to enhances the experience for all who attend.

You and your guests will remember the wonderful time they had celebrating your wedding day. Choose from our large variety of musical services. Entertain your guests with the live Soloist or One Man Band/Dj. music of your choice such as new age or smooth jazz & standard jazz, contemporary music Let Chaz & Co.a professional musician liven up the crowd when it’s time to have some fun on the dance floor. And last but not least, Chaz can be your Masters of Ceremonies helping you keep the party on schedule and handle public speaking chores for you as well.

Also-Celebrating !

Traditional Marriage & Same-Sex Unions Marriages

For Gay and Lesbian Couples…..LGBTQ..!

and Honoring Diversity..

Note: we also are Green..!  with a fully battery powered system.

Chaz & Co.-is very interactive with his karaoke for adults & kids fun parties.

I play and you Sing..!!! – ITS A BLAST !

No matter what the occasion, Chaz & Co. is ready to entertain your guests and make your special event a memorable one. Choose from Chas’s large variety of musical services. Entertain your guests with the live One Man Band/DJ with music of your choice. (Please review our song list or suggest favorites of your own.) Let Chaz and Co. DJ or Master of Ceremony add a special touch to your event. For the Holidays of Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, we can perform traditional selections of your choice including a strolling musician. Why not say I love you with flowers and romantic music for Valentines Day and Anniversaries. (A dozen roses included.) Remove all doubt from your mother’s mind who her favorite child is on Mother’s Day. (A dozen roses included.) Why not surprise someone special with a singing or playing live telegram? Chaz and Co. as a one man band. DJ. or soloist, is always available for birthday parties, graduations parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, act.


Chaz & Co. has performed at many Wineries, & Vineyards & wine Tasting Events & Winerys in Napa Valley the smooth jazz or light rock setting to get them up and danceing is a hit with all the clients.

(Please see our Reff & Client Page)

Note: We have a battery powered system and quiet small generator or marine battery for those outdoor events where there’s no power available.!


Having an IPO party ? Let us entertain you. Choose from our large variety of services and entertainment resources. Entertain your guests with the live one man band/dj.or soloist, music of your choice. (Please review our song list or suggest favorites of your own.) Perfect for IPO parties, (All Ethnic Themes) Christmas parties, office parties, theme parties, board meetings, award ceremonies, speeches, lectures, and seminars. Let Chaz & Co. provide you with Masters of Ceremony or DJ services for your event.

Note: a PA. system with a cordless microphone is available…



Chaz & Co. can entertain you at your next Country Club, Yacht Club, Private function cocktail parties or special event as a…..

One Man Band Solois, DJ. or Karaoke Host we can even MC. for you, Chaz is good clean family fun …


Chaz & Co. plays music at museum openings. events in parks, at festivals, street fairs concerts, conventions fund raisers deck partys, garden, patios and picnics cocktails settings.

We have a fully battery system & quiet & small generator for outdoor events where there’s no power available Fund Raisers Event.


Let us help you through your time of grief with beautiful background music at church services, funerals, wakes, and burial services.Chaz as a soloist, Acoustic flute or sax, guitar keyboard or one man band/dj. are popular with our clients.

Note: A Pa.-and cordless microphone-system is available. for your Pastor or Mc.



Special service for personal events. Let us serenade you at your favorite restaurant or romantic venue. May include house parties, small cocktail parties on just Guitar & Vocals or just Sax, for those smaller intimate settings. strolling music, or whatever we can do to make your special occasion memorable. Why not say I love you with flowers and romantic music for Valentines Day and Anniversaries. A dozen roses included. Remove all doubt from your mother’s mind who her favorite child is on Mother’s Day. (A dozen roses included.) Why not surprise someone special with a singing telegram? Think of us when you plan your next: Wedding, Reception, events, Shower, Christenings Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Birthday party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, office, party ect.


Chaz is also available for Freelance Work & touring with your band trio or duo where Chaz is proficient in all styles of music whether reading charts or singing Band lead or just covering as a sub.

Chaz is your Man..! MIXING LIVE MUSIC & DJ-ING & KARAOKE *


Affordable Private Music Lessons-Localy Travel or Online. open to All Ages

Chaz- is a well-known, seasoned freelance musician and entertainer band leader, soloist and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. he has earned a full music scholarship to De Anza College and Saratoga Music & fine Arts. Center.

Chaz has entertained worldwide and is a great showman of comedy and musical entertainment here and abroad. to date he has work with various classical orchestra’s state and county honor bands cruise lines resorts, 5-star hotels, jazz bands, rock & dance bands and even Entertained the troops 1995-2006 uso & mwr army & military tours as well as many nostalgia show band, in las vegas and perfromed with name artist touring co. world wide.
I can teach you all the Instruments..!

from saxophone, tenor alto, soprano, clarinet, flute, guitar, keyboards, drums as well as vocals, with a wide range of musical styles for all ages…from classical, new age, jazz standard, smooth jazz, swing, big-band, r&b, rock, 50?s, oldies, blues, country, reggae & calypso, latin top 40 dance, hip hop & rap.
Covering music from 20’s-2000…

Music Lessons- On All Instruments & All Ages

Consultations & Workshops –
1-How to get Stared in a Band or as a Soloist-
2-How to Book & Market Yourself Locally & Oversea’s

How to Set up your System-
1- Computer software & Music Programing
2-Using you Mac or Pc. IPad and Rig Setup
3-Sequencing & making tracks & DJ.Tips

Payments can know be made using
Zelle-Charles F Gunter

Your $5 $10 $20 Dollar Donation or more in Tips are welcome…!
Thank You..!

We are able to accommodate any Budget !

Anywhere you need Music & Entertanment !

Insured Professional Entertainer !

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